Mice Pest Control Toronto

Like us, mice like to stay inside when it’s cold outside. You really can’t blame them. Unfortunately, mice are not great roommates. Mice can carry various parasites, bacteria and diseases. They can also cause damage to your home and their tendency to chew through wires can create a dangerous fire hazard.

Mice are interesting creatures in many ways. They have the ability to work their way across a narrow wire, they can squeeze their way through tiny holes and they are excellent at reproducing quickly.

It’s important to pay attention to the warning signs. Families will often hear mice before seeing them, usually from the pitter-patter of tiny mice feet running in the ceiling. Another classic sign is chew marks on food and containers. It’s not unusual to find mouse droppings in cupboards or counter tops in the kitchen.

Many times people see a mouse or two and assume that’s the mouse problem they’re dealing with. The math is actually scary. The average female mouse will give birth to an average of ten litters of baby mice in a year, each of these litters usually contain six mice. That’s a lot of of mice and also a lot of mouse droppings (the average mouse can leave 9,000 droppings during the course of a year).

Oftentimes, people will begin by placing mouse traps around their home. This is an affordable and quick solution that can be effective. Usually it’s best to use more than one trap and to place them next to a wall. Remember, there’s really no such thing as one mouse, so be prepared to empty traps frequently. Some people are bothered by the idea of killing mice, there are various live traps on the market.

Placing traps outside your home can also be an effective deterrent from stopping mice from entering your home. We find that peanut butter or cheese are great baits for mice.

There are many different poison solutions on the market. They can work, but can be harmful for pets and small children, please do your research and use any poisons with caution. Unfortunately, poisons do not work instantly. Poisoned mice will crawl off and die somewhere in your home and the smell can be very unpleasant.

A mouse infestation can be upsetting. A lot of preventative work can be done to eliminate mouse problems before they happen. Mice love the dark shade that forgotten clutter in the attic or basement provides. Keep these areas clutter-free and clean floors in your home often. Try to keep minimal amounts of pet food out in the open. Sometimes the best way to get rid of a mouse infestation is to get a pet cat.

Mice are tiny creatures and they’re skilled at finding entry points into a home. It really doesn’t take much, a hole of less than 1/2 of an inch (smaller than a dime) will create enough of an opening. Spending some time searching for entry points into your home can stop your mouse problem before it even happens. While examining your home’s exterior walls, look for any light coming through cracks. Also, you’ll want to seal any damages that are causing air to enter from the outside.

Like us, mice can enter your home through doors or windows. Replace any damaged window or door screens. Spending some time caulking these areas will help protect your home and can also save you some money on your heating and cooling bill.

Sometimes mouse traps and cats are not enough. We recommend calling a professional pest exterminator if your mouse problem doesn’t go away. Our team of Toronto exterminators has plenty of experience dealing with all sorts of mouse problems. We take pride in not only removing the mice currently living in your home, but we also work with you to protect your home against future exterminations. Feel free to contact one of our experienced staff for more information.