Pest Control Toronto – Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Tips for Preventing Pest Infestations in Your Toronto Home

The snow is melting, shovels are being stored and spring is on the way. With the change in seasons comes time for the annual tradition of spring cleaning. This is a very important time in your battle against unwanted pests. A thorough spring cleaning in addition to some simple prep work can go a long way towards protecting your home and other Toronto homes.

Pests usually operate with low activity during winter months. When the weather here in Toronto gets warmer they get more active and also get hungry. Springtime also triggers many pests to start the reproduction process, which can quickly turn your pest problem from being annoying to devastating.

Typically, we see pests become more active in Toronto homes once the temperature rises to 15 C. This is when many will begin seeing and hearing pests for the first time.

Let’s start with a pest’s favourite room in your home; the kitchen. It makes sense if you think about it; the kitchen is where most of the food is stored. Pests love two things: warm shelter and food. It’s important to look for any signs of pests in your cupboards. Pests tend to prefer dry foods and grains.

Be sure to sweep everywhere and do a good mopping job. Ensure that all surfaces are cleaned. This will not only keep your kitchen looking great, it will help keep unwanted visitors away. Purchase some air-tight containers and use them to store away your dry foods.

It doesn’t take a lot of food to gain a pest’s attention. Even a small crumb can attract their attention. A single crumb will actually trigger an ant to send a scented trail to the rest of the colony, alerting them to the potential food source. Vacuuming and wiping down every single corner and crevice of your entire kitchen will help keep pests out.

Like people, pests need a way to get into your home. Inspect the doors and windows of your home. You’ll want to ensure that they are 100 percent sealed. Any cracks should be sealed up right away. You’ll also want to check your screen doors for damage and have them repaired. Bugs are attracted to light, the combination of an outside light on near a damaged door or window can serve as an unwanted invitation. Consider adding a mesh barrier to block areas underneath your deck, this will help keep bigger pests such as raccoons and skunks away.

Don’t forget to include the yard in your springtime cleanup. Many pest problems actually begin with the yard. Standing water is a root of many pest problems, especially with annoying mosquitoes. Not only are mosquitoes and bugs annoying, they can carry some scary diseases.

It’s also time to gather all your yard waste and throw it out. Pests such as termites, beetles and bees and wasps are attracted to such waste. Even firewood can cause issues if it’s not properly stored and too close to the house. It’s best to store firewood in a garage or storage shed. Cleaning leaves and other yard waste out of gutters will also help in your battle against pests. It’s also a good idea to trim up any vegetation around your house.

Storage areas are another popular destination for pests. Like most people, you’ve probably added some clutter over the winter months. Old cardboard boxes, packaging and other unused items can quickly pile up in the garage, basement or closet. Removing such clutter can really help keep pests away. Try using plastic bins for storing items, not cardboard boxes. Not only are they more durable, but they are far less attractive for pests. Be careful of stored away clothing, this can be a great place for pests to live for long periods of time.

Spring is a time for pests to forage for food and build suitable nests for their young. Bugs, rodents and other wildlife entering your home is uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. Spending some extra time cleaning and inspecting your home can really help any potential pest problem. It’s important to take any pest sighting seriously. Left unchecked a little nuisance can quickly turn into a full infestation.

Sometimes the best solution against pests is to partner with a reputable pest management provider. An experienced pest control specialist will develop an action plan that will solve your pest problem today and for the future. At Cannon Pest Control, we’ve been helping Toronto and GTA homes and business owners stay pest free since 2006. Our talented team has over 140 years of combined pest control experience in Toronto and we’re here to help you.