Rats on the Rise in Toronto – Rat Exterminators

Rat Exterminators Plan for a Busy Summer
Rat Exterminators Toronto – Cannon Pest ControlThe summer of 2016 will be known in Toronto for being a hot and dry one, but it also may be known for rats. Exterminators and Pest Control Experts throughout the Greater Toronto Region are noticing a dramatic increase in rat populations in residential areas.

Many experts point to the unusually hot summer temperatures and the increase in construction projects happening throughout the city. Some Toronto pest control companies are receiving ten times the usual amount of rat calls.
Large scale construction projects will sometimes drive rat populations away from older and decrepit buildings and move them towards newer residential areas. A project such as the Union Station renovation can displace a large population of rats quickly. Warmer weather allows rats to be more active in their search for food. Construction coupled with a hot and dry summer create the perfect setting for rats to thrive in Toronto.

Known for being secretive around humans, rats seem to be enjoying the city without the need to hide. Rats have been spotted in several buildings near the Rogers Centre and throughout downtown. They’ve even been spotted walking on busy sidewalks. City officials are aware of the rat population increase but are not sure of the exact number. Municipal Licensing and Standards will be managing property standards complaints involving rats and the Toronto Public Health will handle any rat sightings in city restaurants.

Rats can be scary when they are in your home. They are known to transmit various diseases and their nesting and scavenging habits are very destructive to a home. It’s common for rats to gnaw on cables and wires, this could cause a serious fire risk.

The commonly found Norway rat reaches sexual maturity in two to five months and can breed any time of the year. A litter may number from four to 22; females can have three to 12 litters a year. With reproduction numbers like that, it’s easy to see how rat problems worsen quickly with time.

With the increase in the rat population, it’s very important to closely monitor for rats in your home. Rats are typically more active at night time, so it may be hard to witness them during daytime hours. Watch for common signs of rats such as capsule-shaped droppings, burrows, chewed food and gnaw marks on walls and surfaces. You may also find food crumbs in strange places. Rats will also tend to leave dirt or grease marks along walls and floorboards.
A trained rat exterminator will conduct a full home inspection. They will target typical hotspots such as attics, crawlspaces, basements and other areas of your home. Also, they will do an inspection of the exterior of your home, looking for entry and exit points.

Store-bought rat traps can be effective, but oftentimes they become less effective with time. Rats leave scent trails of urine and droppings to your home’s entry points, this allows rats to have a biological map to your house.
There are a few things you can do around the house to make your home less attractive to rats. Try to stay on top of cleaning and keep your kitchen clutter-free. Keep food in rodent-proof containers and store garbage and compost in secure garbage bins. Even a tiny hole can provide rats access to your home. It’s important to inspect your entire home and try to find places where rats can enter your house, pay special attention to roof lines.

Rats will hide away in your home’s clutter. Make efforts to remove piles of wood, old tires and any other potential rat home. Spend some time in the yard and make sure that any fallen fruit is picked up. Also, be sure to hide things such as grass seed and pet food.

If you see a living or dead rat it’s important to react right away. The same can be said for rat droppings, clean the area immediately and come up with extermination plan. Never touch a wild rat, their large teeth can cause serious damage. They can also carry a wide range of scary diseases through their droppings, saliva and urine.
In the event of an infestation, it is best to leave it to the experts and call a Toronto rat extermination company. There are various traps on the market that can help, but a professional exterminator will help keep your rat problems away for years to come.