Springtime = Spider time!

As the temperatures steadily climb to seasonal spring Toronto temperatures, spiders are busy spinning their webs. If you live closer to the lake or near any body of water you are likely very familiar with high spider activity this time of year. Spiders are considered beneficial insects and are generally not considered to be pests. However, homes located near bodies of water, near ravines or wooded areas often experience high levels of spider activity. Occasionally the spider infestation is due to another pest issue and the spiders are present due to the increased presence of this food source (as spiders trap and consume other insects). The professional pest control technicians at Cannon Pest Control can exterminate both the underlying insect issue as well as those pesky spiders. Typically it is a good idea to treat both the interior and exterior of your home, this will provide the best results and ensure your family has an insect free home. Preparation for a spider treatment is minimal but as with most inside pesticide applications you and your family (including pets) will need to vacate for a minimum of 4 hours. Cannon Pest Control services the Greater Toronto Area including Newmarket to the North, Burlington to the West, and Oshawa to the East. Call Cannon Pest Control today and say goodbye to the spiders and clean up the last of the webs for the season.