The importance of Fall yard clean-up – Pest control

It may surprise you to learn that a good fall yard waste clean-up around your home is important for pest control.  Removing fallen leaves and plant debris is important for two reasons it allows for proper drainage of basement window wells and removes organic debris which will decay providing a food source for some insects.

Insects such as Sowbugs (commonly called potato bugs) and millipedes consume dead organic debris which is largely from the previous fall season.  Since Sowbugs and Millipedes are a food source for spiders and centipedes these insects are also found as a result of the increased insect activity.

It is possible to do a good fall yard waste clean-up and still encounter a pest problem.  Some pest populations are a result of the environment nearby… such as neighbours.  Do your part and clean yard waste around your home and property, if storing firewood keep it along a fence line away from your home.

Tell your neighbours and family about the benefits of a good fall clean-up.  Integrated pest management includes taking these steps to preventing a pest problem.  If a pest problem does occur trust the professional exterminators at Cannon Pest Control.