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Ticks in Toronto Test Negative for Lyme Disease  – Cannon Pest Control Toronto

It’s summertime in Toronto and it’s a great time to spend outdoors. With the beautiful weather comes an increased risk of ticks and other pest control issues. Toronto Public Health recently announced that ticks in the Toronto region do not contain Lyme disease.

The Toronto Public Health unit tested ticks in three different areas around the region including Morningside Park, Rogue Valley and Algonquin Island. There’s only one type of tick that carries Lyme disease in the Toronto region, the Blacklegged Tick. These ticks will live in long grass and wooded areas. They usually target people going for a hike or camping for the night.

Lyme disease can be a scary concern for those who catch it. It’s a bacterial disease that attaches itself directly to the sufferer’s tissue or organs. The longer it’s left untreated the more severe the situation may become. Everyone will respond differently to Lyme disease. In the early stages it’s fairly easy to treat, but it’s also much harder to diagnose. Many times a person will see a bull’s-eye shaped rash appear in the area of a tick bite.

Health officials have seen an increase in the amount of Lyme disease cases. In 2009 there were a total of 128 cases in Canada. By 2013 the amount of cases had increased to 682.

It’s important to develop a routine of checking your skin for ticks after doing an outdoor activity. Cutting the lawn and walking pets are some of the common ways people come into contact with ticks. Wearing pants and light coloured clothing will also help you stay tick-free.

There’s no guaranteed way to keep your home 100 percent tick-free, but there are some things you can do that will help. Ticks may not be carrying Lyme disease, but they will still leave annoying bites.

Tick Pest Control Tips For Your Home – Keep your home clutter-free. Ticks can enter your home from pets, removing the clutter from your home will limit the places that ticks have to hide in. Pick up items from the floor and try to limit the amount of time that dirty laundry is left lying around.

If you suspect a tick problem or any pest control problem you will want to make sure that you’re washing your clothes in hot water. Ticks are known to attach themselves to dirty laundry and bedding. It’s especially important to wash clothes that have been worn outside quickly, especially if you’ve been around long grass or in wooded areas. Leaving infected laundry on the floor may cause ticks to move to carpeted surfaces.

Your home will need a thorough cleaning from top to bottom if you suspect ticks. Pay special attention to the cracks in the floor and baseboards. Make sure you clean any brooms or mops afterwards and throwaway the used vacuum bag.

Severe tick infestations may require the assistance of a pest control professional. A Cannon Pest Control Professional Exterminator will have the right equipment, pesticides and experience to solve your tick pest control problem for good. Experience provides Toronto based exterminators with the knowledge needed to not only find ticks, but remove them quickly from your home. If your tick problem remains, despite your best efforts, you will want to contact a professional at Cannon Pest Control Toronto.